MoDEFYing the Playing Field

MODEFYwear is equalizing the playing field for all women who want to participate in sports. We design and manufacture (at our downtown Los Angeles studio) active and swim wear for women who dress modestly. Our apparel covers more of the body than traditional activewear such as below the knees, elbows and cover the collarbone. We are proud to have designed the world's first athletic hijab for the digital era as well as first surf dress that may debut in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. We design for total inclusivity for Muslims, Jewish, Pentecostal and Mormons as well as plus size and those who want more sun protection coverage. We craft our apparel using the best performance fabrics available that would show off the athlete's skills, not their skin. This has been our mission from day one, and we will continue to make it possible for all women to participate in sports regardless of their religions or cultural background.

In the Press: Defying Stereotypes about Modest Clothing


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