About Us

Who We Are

MODEFYwear is a game changer in the fashion world, reaching the fastest growing female population in the athletic, medical, communications, and technology sectors in the global market – women who dress in traditional garments (mainly Muslim, observant Jewish, and Indian women) and/or modestly for athletics. Our products allow women to embrace their heritage in fashion without making sacrifices. We have enhanced the most popular women’s garments within traditional, religious and cultural apparel that are everyday wear and made them more functional for our current digital era. To date, we have secured a patent for a re-design of the hijab that allows the wearer to actively engage in modern technology such as the cellphone, personal music gadgets, hearing aids, Bluetooth, stethoscope and more without changing the integrity of the hijab. We have incorporated pockets and tech-wearable compartments in our skirts and kurtas. Our designs all abide by various religious suggestions of covering arms above the elbows and legs below the knees.

Making An Impact

MODEFYwear has been recognized with the following awards:
Winner - Inc. Magazine 2018 Small but Mighty Award
Winner - She Tank 
investors include Cat Cora, celebrity chef; Nicole Ehrlich, music producer; Cat Curry-Williams, founder of Shane's Inspiration; Kym Gold, True Religion Jeans founder
Winner - CSUDH Social Entrepreneur
Finalist - Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition (OIWC) Pitchfest
Recipient - Los Angeles Jewish Vocational Services Womentoring Program
Winner - Jane Walker iFundWomen 'First Women' Grant 
Winner - Founders First Grant 
Winner - STAPLES Women in Business