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All-Female Spaces: Modesty & Religion

Let's discuss modest apparel and working out, particularly in an all-female environment like a female-only gym, where no men, cameras, or video recording are present.

In this setting, Pentecostal, Mormon, and devout Christian female athletes have the freedom to wear what they feel comfortable in. There are no specific restrictions, and they can choose their workout attire based on personal preference.

However, for Orthodox and Conservative Jewish female athletes, their clothing choices often align with their level of orthodoxy and commitment to modesty. While they may choose not to wear their traditional head coverings (such as sheitel, tichel, snood, scarf, or turban) during the workout, they will likely continue to wear loose-fitting garments that cover from below the shoulders down to the knees.

As for our Muslim hijabi female athletes, they may opt to remove their head coverings (hijabs) in this safe environment. Nevertheless, they will observe "satr," which refers to covering the hidden area between the breasts and knees. This means they will avoid wearing crop tops or anything that exposes the navel. Instead, they will likely wear tank tops or other tops that provide sufficient coverage and choose bottoms that extend down to the knees.

Overall, in this all-female gym environment, different religious and cultural backgrounds can influence attire choices, but the common theme is to respect modesty and adhere to personal beliefs while engaging in physical activities.

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