all about modest swimwear - the burkini

Believe it or Not: The Burkini is Getting Ready to Outsell the Bikini

Let's discuss the fascinating burkini, a clever play on words combining "burka" and "bikini." The burka is a traditional Muslim attire that covers the entire body, leaving only the eyes exposed. In contrast, the burkini adheres to the same principle of modesty, covering everything except the face, hands, and feet.

Interestingly, the prevalence of the burkini may surprise us. If we examine scubawear, rash guards, and wetsuits, we notice that they all follow a similar design, ensuring all parts of the body remain covered with the exception of the face, hands, and feet. In today's world, where sun protection is crucial due to harsh rays, the burkini has become increasingly desirable, not only for modest women but also for those seeking practical and stylish swimwear options.

Take, for instance, the Modefywear swim collection, showcasing a super cute burkini as seen in the picture above. This burkini stands out with its quick-drying fabric, excellent sun protection, lightweight feel, and stylish appearance both in and out of the water. It's an excellent choice for women looking to combine modesty with comfort and fashion, making it an ideal outfit for various occasions, even around town.

By embracing the burkini, we celebrate the diversity of swimwear choices available and recognize the importance of catering to different preferences and needs. This trendy and versatile swimwear option allows women to enjoy the water and the outdoors comfortably and confidently.

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