How To Make the Most of Summer While Dressing Modestly

How To Make the Most of Summer While Dressing Modestly

For a lot of women around the world, summertime means shorts, mini skirts, sundresses, bikinis, and other skin-revealing fashion. 

For modest women of certain religions (or modest women by personal choice), it can be a frustrating and anxiety-inducing time— especially since most clothing stores don’t carry modest fashion options for the summer. 

If you’re a modest woman yourself and are racking your brain trying to find a way to navigate this skin revealing season, read below for some great summertime fashion options. 

Make the Most Out of Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a fashion staple that never go out of style. Most women’s clothing stores carry these dresses, especially in the summer. 

They come in an assortment of cuts, styles, and colors— and for the ones that are low-cut or don’t have any sleeves, you can coordinate a shirt to wear underneath.  

Keep it Cool In a Kimono

The summertime version of the cardigan, kimonos are a great option when looking to cover up a revealing shirt while still looking cute and stylish.

There are all types of kimonos in women’s fashion stores— solid-colored, floral, patterned, etc! They work well with your favorite pair of jeans, or even on top of a dress. 

Live it Up In Lightweight Culottes 

Everyone loves a good pair of culottes— especially in the summertime. These wide-legged pants come in various fabrics and colors, and during this season they’re typically made with lightweight materials. 

The summer season doesn’t have to cause you stress if you’re a modest woman— use it as an excuse to experiment with fun cuts and colors! 

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