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Let Women Play Sports

Today, let's delve into the topic of activewear and shed light on the challenges women face when it comes to wearing what they want while competing or at least clothing that doesn’t sexualize them.

During the 2021 European Championships, the Norwegian women's beach handball team faced a fine for choosing to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms that exposed their butt cheeks. Similarly, in 2011, badminton officials finally dropped the mandatory skirt requirement, which was originally enforced, according to one federation official, "to make women look feminine and presentable."

In 2021, France's soccer federation banned hijab-wearing women from participating in soccer games, even though FIFA, the international soccer federation, permits it.

Furthermore, in 2021, FINA, the international swimming federation, imposed a ban on soul caps, specially designed swim caps for women of color with thick curly hair or extensions. FINA justified the ban, claiming that the caps did not conform to the 'natural form of the head,' ignoring the added volume of hair. Thankfully, public outcry led to the ban being reversed in time for the 2022 Olympics.

These instances illustrate the struggles faced by women in sports when it comes to their attire choices. At Modefywear, our tagline "show off your skills, not your skin" underscores our belief that women should have the freedom to wear what makes them most comfortable and optimizes their competitive abilities, while still representing their team or country. The journey should not be fraught with unnecessary difficulties.

We stand firm in our commitment to empowering women athletes, providing them with high-performance, modest activewear that allows them to focus on showcasing their talents without the burden of unfair dress code restrictions. It's time to celebrate the achievements of women in sports and create an inclusive environment where they can compete confidently and comfortably, showcasing their skills and dedication on an equal playing field.

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