all about modest fashion - similarities between muslim hijab and jewish tichel

Muslim Hijab & Jewish Tichel Similarities

Let's explore the intriguing similarities in modest clothing, with a specific focus on head coverings, particularly the Muslim hijab and the Jewish tichel or snood, especially in the context of sports.

At Modefywear, our hijab is designed in the Al-Amira style, a popular choice for sports hijabs. This style stands out as a one-piece, easy-on and easy-off garment. The Al-Amira hijab provides ample coverage, protecting the ears and neck while ensuring comfort and modesty. Because it offers full head and neck coverage, many non-Muslims wear this head covering if they will be spending long hours in the sun as it offers protection from the harsh UV rays.

Similarly, the Modefywear tichel (Hebrew for headcovering) is also designed as a single garment. 's made from performance fabrics that are fast drying, moisture-wicking, and breathable. It can be secured by tucking or tying it. It provides a lot of coverage for the ears and hair. This style of tichel can also be found worn by Muslim women as a turban, highlighting the interchangeability and universality of these head coverings.

Both the Muslim hijab and the Jewish tichel share common features that resonate with women from diverse backgrounds, making them practical and versatile choices, particularly for sports activities. Embracing these similarities showcases the beauty of modest clothing and fosters inclusivity within the sports community, empowering women to express their faith and cultural identity while engaging in active pursuits with comfort and style.

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