all about modest clothing - we put your safety first in our swimwear

Prioritizing Safety in Modest Apparel - We Are the ONLY Modest Brand to Put YOUR Safety First

Today, we're diving into the world of swim dresses and shedding light on why, at Modefywear, we invest countless hours of research and development into each design, prioritizing safety above all else. Our swim dresses utilize non-traditional swimwear materials, and I'll explain the reasoning behind this and its paramount importance.

To be truly classified as a modest swim garment, it must extend below the knees. This requirement means that a girl's dress will need approximately 2 to 2.5 feet of fabric in the front and the same in the back, totaling around 5 feet. For women, the typical dress length is around 45 inches, equivalent to 3 and ¾ feet of fabric, and doubled for the back, resulting in 7.5 feet of fabric. That's a substantial amount of fabric immersed in water.

Comparing this to the weight of a typical one-piece bathing suit commonly seen in swim meets, which covers only the torso and weighs about 4 oz on average, our swim dresses weigh at least 12 oz, which is already three times heavier.

Though swim dresses may feel weightless while in the water on your body, once you emerge, there's 7.5 feet of fabric for women and 5 feet for girls that have absorbed water, potentially adding density and weight. At Modefywear, we've addressed this concern by utilizing the lightest weight performance fabric available. This fabric not only dries three times faster than normal nylon/spandex bathing suits but also provides sun protection and avoids clinging to the body. Most importantly, it absorbs the least amount of water weight, ensuring you hardly feel any added weight once you're out of the water.

At Modefywear, our commitment to your safety is unwavering, and as the only modest brand that prioritizes your well-being, we ensure that our swim dresses are engineered to offer optimal performance and comfort, so you can confidently enjoy your swim while looking and feeling your best.

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