all about the hijab - we designed first ever for deaf women

Setting Another First: First Clothing Designed for the Deaf

Let's talk about Modefywear, a company founded by a deaf woman, with a focus on creating inclusive and innovative apparel for people with disabilities. Our very first design is a groundbreaking hijab, which holds the distinction of being the world's first hijab for the digital era and the only one with a patent pending. Originally, this hijab was designed with deaf women in mind. Also, we have sponsored deaf athletes and teams. We supported the USA Deaf Cycling Team.

The inspiration behind Modefywear came when I was coaching a rowing team that included members from the Middle East who wore hijabs. As a gesture of cultural respect, I decided to wear a hijab too. However, I faced challenges due to wearing hearing aids along with the hijab. The traditional hijab design interfered with my hearing aids and eyewear, causing discomfort and even migraines. Realizing that I couldn't be the only person facing this issue, I embarked on a mission to design a hijab that would accommodate hearing aids and provide a solution to these problems.

The innovative hijab features ear holes, allowing for optimal airflow and relieving pressure on the hearing aids and ears in general. Wearing glasses with a hijab can cause migraines so the Modefywear hijab is a great at releasing pressure from the area. Additionally, it has an ear band that ensures complete modesty while providing a comfortable and practical experience. Interestingly, this design extends beyond the realm of disability, as it also caters to individuals who use AirPods, earpieces, Bluetooth devices, and even stethoscopes.

The hijab gained widespread appreciation, particularly during the Covid pandemic, as it allowed people to wear masks without inconvenience, making it an ideal choice for various situations.

Modefywear's commitment to creating adaptive and accessible clothing not only addresses the needs of those with disabilities but also demonstrates a dedication to diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. Through our innovative designs, they empower individuals to express their cultural identities while ensuring comfort and practicality.

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