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Skirting the Line: Skirts in Modest Apparel

Let's discuss skirts and their place in the modesty definition. Our hot pink swim and athletic skirt, available online, serves as an example. For Pentecostal and Orthodox & Conservative Jewish women, who typically do not wear pants, skirts become their go-to choice for athletic wear and athleisure. This particular skirt fits the modest classification as it falls below the knees.

Underneath the skirt, women have the flexibility to choose what suits them best. Whether it's bike shorts, capri leggings, or ankle-length leggings, the choice is a personal preference. For our Muslim friends, who generally prefer ankle-length coverage, they can wear this skirt with ankle-length leggings underneath.

At Modefywear, we deliberately do not include leggings with our skirts, recognizing that the length and color of undergarments are a personal choice, and women can interchange them based on their preferences.

By understanding the diverse requirements and preferences of women from different faiths, Modefywear strives to offer a wide range of modest clothing options that cater to individual choices while ensuring comfort, style, and adherence to the principles of modesty.

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