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High Tech Performance Hijab (Maroon with Dark Grey)

High Tech Performance Hijab (Maroon with Dark Grey)

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Our hijabs are so unique that it has a patent (pending)!

Made from the softest modal cotton, it is quick-drying and breathable.

There is a hidden interior pocket just below the neck where you can store your phone, key, money, or other small items. 
The hijab has double enforced ear holes that make glasses, sunglasses, hearing aids, Bluetooth, and ear pieces fit without pressure from the fabric.
The ear band securely covers the ear holes thus ensuring all modesty is secure.

Performance Details:
Maroon hijab with dark grey ear band
Super soft modal cotton
Quick drying & breathable

Design Details:
Patent pending design: hidden interior pocket, ear holes, ear band
One piece
Can extend to shoulders
One size fits most

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